A professional certification course in UX writing

UX Writing for Technical Writers Online Course

Bring priceless UX writing skills to your technical documentation and earn a certificate to support your next career move.

Price: US $800

Ready to level up your user experience game? It’s time technical audiences got UX writing love.


Practice the craft

Learn best practices for user experience writing and content design to craft more usable products.


Become a hybrid writer

Add UX writing to your already impressive skillset. Get ahead of the curve and get that promotion.


Learn interface writing

Learn best practices for buttons, alerts, error and success messages, forms, empty states, and more.


Flex your options

Add UX writing examples to your portfolio to stand out from the crowd. Work in either field.

What Students Are Saying

This is a very unique course.

I think this is a very unique course. I haven’t been able to find any articles or other content that addresses this intersection of doc writing and UX writing. And tech writers are writing UI text and need support.

Holly Jauch
Sr. Technical Writer & Editor at Splunk

I have learned a lot.

I’m planning on putting together a portfolio for UX writing. I have learned a lot about UX writing best practices, and how to do comprehensive research to advocate for the users.

Kyra Lee
Technical Writer at Magnetic Forensics

I wish I took this sooner

I wish I took this course sooner. There's a lot of concrete information that UX writers are expected to learn on our own. This course helped tremendously!

Nerie Ohana
Content Designer at Microsoft

Course Overview

Perfect for technical writers who…

  • Have a solid technical documentation foundation
  • Want to learn user experience best practices and skills
  • Are looking to broaden their content design expertise
  • Need to know how to write UI text for common components

Looking to transition to UX writing full time? Consider UX Writing Fundamentals.

What the course provides

  • Online exercises to practice and reinforce what you learn
  • Full lifetime access to reference throughout your career journey
  • Office hours to get questions answered by mentors
  • Networking with other students on Facebook and Slack
  • Certificate of proficiency upon successful project and final exam

Course Syllabus

Technical and UX writing compared

How good UX affects documentation

Technical UX writing principles

Voice and tone for docs

Use human-centered technical language

Strategies for doc discovery and research

Strategies for doc design and writing

Strategies for reducing user error

Best practices for component writing

Writing guidance elements—tooltips & empty states

Writing user actions—dialogs, CTAs & button text

Writing effective communications—notifications, alerts & errors

Writing user inputs—lists & forms

A few extra bits and pieces

Create a style guide

Test your text

UX workflow principles

UX writing and usability testing

Make the case for technical UX writing

Course Authors

Dave Connis

Dave has been obsessed with words for over ten years. During a brief stint as a junior UX developer, he found that he loved the UX part more than the developing part, so he took on a job as a technical writer. From there, he quickly discovered UX writing, and it was like the heavens opened up and doves descended from the sky offering him a path that combined all of his favorite things (UX and words). Now, he’s a Sr. Documentation and UX Writer at Contrast Security, a startup that helps developers keep vulnerabilities out of their code.

Bobbie Wood

Bobbie is the founder of the UX Writers Collective and former head of UX content strategy teams for Google and Intuit. She began her career as a tech writer.

Course Details


  • 5 units each consisting of 3-6 lessons and written practice assignments
  • Entirely self-paced reading and quizzes
  • 20-40 hours of study and practice work
  • Certification upon passing final project and final exam


  • Computer with the latest version of Chrome
  • Broadband internet connection
  • Fluent English comprehension and writing proficiency
  • Working technical writing knowledge

Frequently Asked Questions

Time estimates fall around 20-40 hours of study and practice work for this course depending on your speed. There are 5 units in the course. Each unit is broken down into a series of 3-6 lessons with practice quizzes and reviews along the way. To be certified, you must receive a passing score on the final project and final exam.

This course is designed to fit around your schedule; lessons are available on-demand at any time. There is no live instruction, so you’re free to study at your own pace.

This course is made with technical writers in mind. If you’re a tech writer who’s interested in applying UX best practices to your work, this course is for you. If you’re a tech writer who is interested in moving into UX writing full-time, consider UX Writing Fundamentals.


  • A computer with the latest version of Chrome
  • A broadband internet connection
  • Fluent English comprehension and writing proficiency
  • Working technical writing knowledge
  • A love for writing, tech, and good communication with humans

The UX Writing Fundamentals course is designed for writers who are new to working as part of a design team. Perfect for junior writers looking to make a switch, or writers transitioning from adjacent roles who want to take on UX writing full time.

UX Writing for Technical Writers takes your existing technical writing knowledge and builds on it. You’ll learn to apply UX writing best practices to your work as a tech writer plus how to write for UI components. Designed for writers who want to be competent in both disciplines.

Yes! If you successfully complete the final project and exam, you’ll walk away with a certificate to showcase your new skills.

Unlike other courses out there, our courses are developed by expert UX writers and managers from companies like Google, Intuit, MYOB, Charter Communications, Amazon, and more. Studying with the UX Writers Collective will set you up to succeed at similar tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, Spotify, Shopify, and Netflix.

Already work in tech, but need to hone some world-class writing skills? Are you ready for a fun, creative, and lucrative job?

Come study with us! Our courses provide:

  • A curriculum designed by professional UX writers from the world’s leading companies
  • A solid, career-building foundation in user experience and design writing
  • A Facebook group and a Slack Mentor group exclusively for students
  • Practical, hands-on experience with the opportunity to finish a portfolio-ready project
  • Personalized feedback from instructors on practice work and your final project
  • More than just UX writing skills: the critical knowledge you need to succeed in a UX design team

Course Preview

Free lessons

Still curious? Check out the first two lessons of the UX Writing for Technical Writers course, for free!

Webinar: Become a hybrid tech and UX writer

Dave Connis, Sr. Documentation & UX Writer, shares his experience as a hybrid technical & UX writer, the benefits of applying UX best practices to documentation, and offers a sneak peek of the UX Writing for Technical Writers course.