About the UX Writers Collective

UX writers are interaction designers for content

Experience design writing requires much more than putting clever words on a page. UX writers are full members of design teams, working alongside developers, designers, product managers, and producers to find the best solutions to user problems.

Today, there are few writers who can keep up with the demands of a design team. Fewer still who can contribute content-first designs, participate in user testing, understand data and analytics, and apply design thinking to their work. We came together to fix that problem.

We are senior UX writers, leaders, and content strategists from Google, Amazon, Intuit, General Assembly, AvidXchange, and more. Our mission is to connect well-educated UX writers with hiring managers looking for solid candidates.

Our team

Bobbie Wood

Founder & CEO

Consultant for UX, product. and engagement strategy in the SF Bay Area. Former head of UX Content Strategy for Google Payments & Google Assistant transactions. Former design & content senior manager for QuickBooks Online & QuickBooks Self-Employed. Passionate about improving diversity in tech. Somewhat obsessed with robots and AI.

Patrick Stafford

Co-Founder & CMO

Senior digital copywriter at MYOB, Australia’s largest accounting software company. His business, Stafford Content, provides copy, content strategy and UX writing for brands and clients including KPMG, Dropbox, Data Republic and more. Regular columnist for the Invision blog focusing on UX writing, content strategy and other design topics.

Barbara Gunning

Lead Developer

Full-stack web developer with over 15 years of experience building products for startups and corporations. Barbara holds an MBA in information technology, and regularly saves all of us from the WordPress goblins.

Katie Szymanski

Marketing Director

Katie is a digital marketer with a knack for social media storytelling. Her background spans across early-stage startups, non-profits, higher education and global Fortune 500 giants. At the end of the day, she hopes to bring more positivity to the internet.

Gordon MacRae

Co-Founder, Instructional Designer, Course Contributor

Gordon is one of the founders of UXWC and the author of the UX Writing Jobs newsletter. He’s a full-time instructional design manager, and now heads up development of our Jobs offerings part-time.

Laura Luck

Newsletter Author

Laura is a freelance UX writer extraordinaire. She focuses on brand voice and messaging strategy, customers’ needs and objections, and then writes all the words needed to communicate. Her background includes CX and UX writing, journalism, marketing and communications.

Kathrina Maribao

Editor-in-Chief, UXWC Blog

Kathrina is a UX designer, researcher, and writer with over 3 years of user research experience in various backgrounds including technology, non-profit, and academic settings. She enjoys capturing vital information through thorough investigation and applying that research to create solutions that help people reach their goals. 

Carol Valdez

Co-Founder, Course Contributor

Leads team of conversational and voice interface designers for Amazon customer service. Former principal content designer for Intuit TurboTax. Former director of content at Hearst Digital Media. Currently exploring new and different ways to give products the power to speak.


Carly Gray


Carly is a technical writer turned UX content strategist. With over 10 years of experience writing for tech and financial services, she uses text and content-first design to solve customers’ biggest problems. She got her start writing UI text for BlackBerry smartphones and now designs content for Focals AR smartglasses.

Adina Cretu


Adina is a seasoned, goal-oriented marketing and UX professional, with 8+ years of successful experience in B2B & B2C projects. Her background spans Marketing Comms, Strategic Planning and Channel Management, and a wealth of exposure to multicultural teams.

Joel Ramey


Joel is a sports writer and researcher turned Certified UX Writer and Chatbot Designer. Whether it’s words that inform and enrapture readers or words that guide users through an invisibly delightful product experience, he finds great pleasure—and is very effective—in writing them all. And if he gets to flavor them with some humor and puns, well… that tends to make his day.


Hillary Black

Author, Chatbot Writing & Design

Hillary Black is a rockstar chatbot creator and the Head of Marketing & Strategy for Mav. She has over 10 years of experience building and developing brand personalities for Vine, Beats by Dre, University of Michigan and Grey Advertising. Hillary shares her expertise in conversation design, guiding students through all the phases needed to write and design a custom chatbot.

Dave Connis

Author, Technical UX Writing (coming soon!)

William Knight

Course Copyeditor

William is a hybrid UX and technical writer with an eye for catching anything that throws users off. He can write for back-end or front-end users.

Liz Hardy

Author, CX Writing for
Marketing Engagement

Liz is a top notch UX & CX writer with experience writing for major brands like Nordstrom, Sephora, T-Mobile, AT&T, Microsoft, and REI. She says, “I had to learn how to write through lots of trial-and-error over the years, but you don’t have to! Sign up for the CX Writing course for practical and useful guidance about how to write effective, on-brand content that increases engagement.”

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