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UX writers help people do important work

Whether you call it user experience writing, content design, or UX content strategy, it requires so much more than slapping clever copy on a web page. People depend on software and apps to accomplish critical tasks—both professional and personal. Poor content design and bad writing get in the way of success for companies and users. Conversely, good writing sells more product for companies and makes the experience worthwhile and satisfying for users.

Because good writing leads to product success, demand for UX writers is growing exponentially. Companies need writers who can contribute to content-first designs, advocate for the end user, understand data and content testing, and apply design best practices to their work.

That’s why we founded UX Writers Collective

We bring over 50 years of cumulative industry experience to life through online courses and training to arm future generations of UX writers, content strategists, and conversation designers with the knowledge they need to succeed.

Five years from now, we’d love to see a UX writer on every product design team. We’re on a mission to improve overall communication between users and computers for all modes (voice, GUI, A/R) and devices. That’s where you come in.

Join the Collective and help us put content and users first!

Our team


Bobbie Wood

Founder & Course Author

Bobbie is a consultant for UX, product, and engagement strategy in the SF Bay Area. Former head of UX Content Strategy for Google Payments & Google Assistant transactions. Former design & content senior manager for QuickBooks Online & QuickBooks Self-Employed. Passionate about improving diversity in tech. Somewhat obsessed with robots and AI.


Patrick Stafford

CEO & Course Author

Patrick Stafford is the CEO and cofounder of the UX Writers Collective. He is a former Lead Digital Copywriter for MYOB, the largest accounting software provider in Australia, and has consulted with several businesses on UX content strategy. He also hosts the podcast Writers of Silicon Valley, which features interviews with UX writers and content strategists.


Katie Szymanski

Marketing Director

Katie is a digital marketer with a knack for social media storytelling. Her background spans across early-stage startups, non-profits, higher education and global Fortune 500 giants. At the end of the day, she hopes to bring more positivity to the internet.



Hillary Black

Chatbot Writing & Design

Hillary is a rockstar chatbot creator and the Head of Marketing & Strategy for Mav. She has over 10 years of experience building and developing brand personalities for Vine, Beats by Dre, University of Michigan and Grey Advertising. Hillary shares her expertise in conversation design, guiding students through all the phases needed to write and design a custom chatbot.


Dave Connis

UX Writing for Technical Writers

Dave is obsessed with words. During a brief stint as a junior UX developer, he found that he loved the UX part more than the developing part, so he took a job as a technical writer. From there, he discovered UX writing, and it was like the heavens opened up and doves descended from the sky offering him a path that combined all of his favorite things (UX and words). Now, he’s a Sr. Documentation and UX Writer at Contrast Security.


Liz Hardy

CX Writing for Marketing Engagement

Liz is a top notch UX & CX writer with experience writing for major brands like Nordstrom, Sephora, T-Mobile, AT&T, Microsoft, and REI. She says, “I had to learn how to write through lots of trial-and-error over the years, but you don’t have to! Sign up for the CX Writing course for practical and useful guidance about how to write effective, on-brand content that increases engagement.”


Kinneret Yifrah

The Microcopy Course

Kinneret is a thought-leader in the UX writing field and a world-renowned microcopy expert. She is the curator of The UX Writing Library and leads thousands of writers, designers, and product pros in their journeys towards using writing to create an extraordinary user experience. Her innovative book “Microcopy: The Complete Guide” is in daily use by professionals from more than 50 countries.



Jeremy Bauer

Jeremy is a writer with over 8 years of experience in instructional design. He’s lead documentation and support efforts for edtech, managed an instructional design team at the University of Illinois, and immersed himself in all things UX at InVision. He’s currently the Instructional Designer for Google’s new UX Design Certificate program.


Adina Cretu

Adina is a seasoned, goal-oriented marketing and UX professional, with 8+ years of successful experience in B2B & B2C projects. Her background spans Marketing Comms, Strategic Planning and Channel Management, and a wealth of exposure to multicultural teams.


Amy Garvey

Amy is a versatile and purpose-driven content strategist. An avid learner, her experience spans content and systems design, plus industries. Most recently, she worked at the intersection of design and development, engineering content for websites and apps. A fellow UXWC grad, she’s excited to support students in their pursuits!


Carly Gray

Carly is a technical writer turned UX content strategist. With over 10 years of experience writing for tech and financial services, she uses text and content-first design to solve customers’ biggest problems. She got her start writing UI text for BlackBerry smartphones and now designs content for Focals AR smartglasses.


Thy Nguyen

Thy (pronounced “tea” like the drink) is a UX writer, content strategist and UXWC grad. She has a Masters in Applied Linguistics and taught ESL and university writing for over 10 years. Driven by empathy, she enjoys guiding and supporting others in achieving their goals.

Joel Ramey

Joel Ramey

Joel is a sports writer and researcher turned certified UX writer and chatbot designer. Whether it’s words that inform and enrapture readers or words that guide users through an invisibly delightful product experience, he finds great pleasure—and is very effective—in writing them all. And if he gets to flavor them with some humor and puns, well… that tends to make his day.


Melody Sabouri

Melody graduated from the University of Washington with a Master of Communication in Digital Media. She is currently a UX Writer at Albertsons and has previously worked as a UX Content Designer at Microsoft. Her projects in the past have focused on helping users understand AI technology and making technical terms more user friendly.


Jessica Smith

Jessica is a long-time writer who is passionate about design. She works remotely as a UX writer, and she recently founded Adelante, a free career group for UX writers who are building their careers and job searching.


Sammie Spector

Sammie is a UX writer at Condé Nast, working on brands like Vogue, Bon Appétit, Allure, and Pitchfork, plus the CMS experience that powers these incredible editorial teams. She previously did time in #FinTech at Morningstar and Intuit. She’s Chicago-based, but still hates the cold.

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