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Eliminate confusion about the “right” way to write. Enroll your team today and get amazing discounts on courses. It only takes 3 students to qualify!

Team discounts up to 30% off regular prices. The more people you sign up, the more you save.

Align your team on the writing rules

Follow best practices for UX writing,  content testing methods, or chatbot design.

Enjoy flexible learning schedules 

Your entire team can work at their own pace—no need to lose days for training.

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Train up your whole product team

Train non-writers! Great for designers, researchers & product managers.

Learn how to throughly test content

Learn research and testing methods to prove out your content ROI.

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How Teams Benefit

Agree on UX writing best practices

Our UX Writing Fundamentals course isn’t just for writers. Take your entire writing team, your designers, researchers, marketers, development crew, product managers, and program managers through the course.

Teach your team:

  • The fundamental rules of UX writing
  • How writers interact and work with designers
  • Best practices when writing for common components
  • What “deliverables” to handoff to developers
  • Advice for articulating content decisions

Add content testing to your UX research program

We all test our designs a lot. We test at every phase if we’re lucky. But what about the content? Who’s focusing on this absolutely critical aspect of any user experience? Get your entire team thinking about how to test content for effectiveness and emotional resonance.

In our Content Testing & Research course, your team will learn:

  • More than 10 methods for testing content with users
  • How users feel, how they think, what they understand, and what they remember
  • How to run A/B tests that lead to increased engagement and conversion
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Worry-free training for your team

Enroll your team in one of our courses with an administrator assigned for the group. The admin adds students and can monitor their progress. We do the rest.

Your team can work together or study at their own speed. The important part: managers don’t have to plan a curriculum, develop materials, or be present for the course. Students can work on their own, learning the same rules and best practices to share as a team.

More questions? Read FAQs for team admins.

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