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Patrick Stafford

Hourly rate: USD 100

Coaching topics: Portfolio Review, Interview Coaching, Career Plan, General Coaching

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Patrick’s experience

Patrick is an experienced content strategist and UX writer, with extensive experience working as part of full design teams. He is currently the co-CEO of the UX Writers Collective.

While Lead Digital Copywriter at MYOB, Patrick led content strategy for projects including a complete information architecture build and navigation redesign (which led to double-digit conversion rate increases).

His major accomplishment was the research and creation of a content design system built to standardize content across multiple channels through the entire customer experience, from top of funnel to inside the product.

Other projects included content strategy and UX writing for a software selector tool, content research and testing including feature naming tests, countless A/B tests, and both qualitative and quantitative tone of voice analysis. He is an accomplished usability testing host and designer.

As a freelancer, Patrick has written mobile app copy for brands including Brighte, a green loans provider in Australia.

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