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1. Choose a coach

Search from our collection of experts. Get the guidance you need to build your career.


2. Book a time

Sign up for a 1-hour sessions with your coach. Each coach is qualified to work with you for the skills listed in their profile.


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Get started with a portfolio review, transition tips, interview coaching or any subject you and your coach agree to.

“Life changing. This service is worth double the price.

– Maryann Reid

“My coach was great. I’m very excited about this feature.

– Brooke Mitchell

“My coach was amazing and gave me a lot of advice and insight.

– T.P.

How Our Coaches Can Help

Checkmark Portfolio & resume reviews

Get prepped and ready with insights and suggestions on your materials. Hear first impressions and get feedback on your design, writing samples, and case studies.

Checkmark Career transitions

It can be hard to make the transition but with work and patience, you can do it! Hear firsthand which skills you’ll need to succeed and how to address your background.

Checkmark Interview preparation

Build confidence! Work through sample questions, especially the hard ones, with feedback and suggestions on the most effective answers.

Checkmark Freelancer survival

Corporate life isn’t for everyone. Learn how to determine a rate, start with a creative brief, work with a contract, and handle the ebb and flow of projects.

Checkmark Mastering work as a team of one

Congratulations on being the first! Learn how to get your product team educated, your first key deliverables, and the “tier” method for managing your time.

Checkmark Successful collaboration

Learn how to build allies and navigate team dynamics with skill. Get tips on working with design leads, design partners, researchers, product managers, and front-end devs.

Meet a Few of Our Coaches


Roxanne Tomco

Roxanne is a seasoned UX writer with a wealth of knowledge in the field. She can help with all kinds of career advice or hard content design problems. She’s familiar with everything from accessibility best practices to content-first design methods.


Sammie Spector

Sammie is a UX writer working on content design and microcopy for Vogue, Bon Appetit, and other Condé Nast brands. Previously, she worked in fin-tech at Morningstar. She’s super knowledgeable and super friendly.

Mark 600x600

Mark Feigenbutz

Mark is a Senior UX Architect working on Allstate’s UX, UI, and CX conversational experiences. Ask him about UX writing or conversational design. Mark’s favorite topic is career transitions—he’s a former standup comedian.

Our Vetting Process

We’re picky on your behalf

There are so many amazing, generous people out there who offer mentoring for free. Our coaches are paid so it’s important that they go through a rigorous application process. Each of our coaches must:

  • Interview with us
  • Sign a code of conduct
  • Demonstrate evidence that they’ve done work relevant to the coaching topic
  • Have a minimum of 3 years of experience on a product team

Interested in becoming a coach? Apply now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many writers are introverts. We wanted to provide a path to support and success that eliminates the awkwardness of reaching out to strangers to ask for help. Because you’re paying your coach, the time is yours to get what you need. Our coaches see it that way, too.

A few more reasons:

  1. We believe our UX coaches deserve to be fairly compensated for their hard-earned expertise, and we’re thrilled to provide them the opportunity.
  2. Our coaching sessions are discrete, one-hour sessions focused on a specific topic. Our goal is to provide specific, direct, and actionable feedback to help you succeed in your career.
  3. Paying for a session actually keeps us – and you – accountable! We are dedicated to providing a quality service that will help your career.

We don’t just allow anyone to sign up and become a coach. We vet everyone, interview them, examine their work experience and portfolio, and make sure they’re qualified in the areas they’re coaching. Plus, every single one of our mentors signs a code of conduct.

You can rest assured, our coaches are professional, expert content designers qualified to guide you in your career.

We don’t anticipate issues, but we’ve got your back. If you’re not happy with your session for any reason, please let us know by reaching out to

Filling out a pre-session form allows your coach to enter your 60-minute session knowing all the background and everything they need to know before giving you advice. It’ll make your coaching session even better, because you won’t have to spend half your session getting them up to speed!

Getting advice from within your organization is fantastic. It’s also good to get coaching and advice from many different people with different perspectives. Friends, colleagues…anyone!

We think a paid coaching session offers value because it’s good to speak to someone with an outside perspective. Plus, you may not always feel comfortable asking someone in your company or organization questions about future career plans.

We do, but our coaches are not consultants.

If you want consulting for content design in your organization or project, please reach out to Bobbie Wood at

We’re passionate about diversity in tech

We offer coaching scholarships for people who need them.