Roxanne Tomco

Hourly rate: USD 150

Coaching topics: Portfolio Review, Interview Coaching, Career Plan, General Coaching

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Rox’s experience

Rox is a senior UX writer who specializes in designing accessible content for devices, apps, and experiences. She believes and proves that content has worth by partnering with teams and using tools to capture that data and share it with those who are listening.

She knows traditional grammar and AP style rules back and forth, and knows when to break them. In her own work, she adds spaces on either side of her slashes and em dashes — like this — and / or this,  because they read much easier on screens.

She started in humble print beginnings and has held all types of writing titles: editorial intern, magazine journalist, film synopsis writer, features editor, communications consultant, tech writer / documentation writer, copywriter, technical project lead, and finally, UX writer. She is firmly convinced that anyone can write, and is determined to make sure they do.

When she’s not mentoring newer writers through UXWC or convincing designers and engineers to learn UX writing, she’s tearing up the Santa Cruz mountains on her eMTB or at the dog park with her children, Duke and Nutmeg.

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