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UXWC: Kickstarting Your Career, Pt 1

Join Bobbie Wood and Patrick Stafford as they answer common questions for new UX writers, and outline the best ways to start your career.

UXWC: Kickstarting Your Career, Pt 2

Join Patrick Stafford as he continues answering the most common questions for new UX writers and content designers.

Bobbie Wood: Intro to UX Writing

The basics; what is UX writing? Should you consider a career in this field? And how should you get started?

Bobbie Wood: Content Research & Testing

What are the best ways to measure and test content along the entire product journey? Bobbie Wood outlines practical ways to get started.

Hillary Black: Chatbot Design Basics

Get started with conversation design. Hillary Black outlines the chatbot basics and gives you tools to get started on your own.

UXWC & Botmock: How to Build a Chatbot

Botmock is a free and easy way to get started with conversation design. Watch to see how you can use Botmock to create your own and practice your skills.

Dave Connis: Why You Should Become a Hybrid Technical & UX Writer

Learn from a hybrid technical & UX writer why you should conquer both skills – and how it will help advance your career.

Carly Gray: Content Design for Virtual and Augmented Reality User Experiences

Join senior UX writer Carly Gray as she breaks down the world of content design for A/R and V/R. Learn what it takes to work in this exciting field – and tips for finding a career in this emerging format.

Your Figma Questions Answered

In this webinar, Patrick Stafford, Sammie Spector, and Carly Gray give an overview of Figma and cover the basics for beginners.

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Content Design Tools


Write, ship and update product copy effortlessly. Empower your content designers and save developer time.


Botmock makes it easy to design & deploy bots for chat, voice & IVR. Used in the Chatbot Writing & Design course.


Ditto allows teams to collaborate on consistent and effective copy.


Usertesting allows designers, UX writers, and anyone on product teams to test directly with users.


Figma helps teams create, test, and ship better designs from start to finish.

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