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Shimyun Cotter

Shimmy is a certified UX Writer as well as a skilled UX Designer located in San Francisco, CA. See Shimmy’s LinkedIn profile.


Sara Heris

Sara is a certified UX Writer and talented marketing copywriter. She’s located in San Francisco, CA. Check out Sara’s LinkedIn profile.


Laura Sands

Laura is a senior certified UX Writer and Content Designer located in Los Angeles, CA. Check out Laura’s portfolio.


William Knight

William is a certified UX Writer and a sharp editor. He’s located in the New York area. Check out William’s LinkedIn profile.

Emily Galeano

Emily is currently enrolled in the UX Writing Fundamentals course and is also a skilled marketing writer. She’s located in Denver, CO. See Emily’s portfolio.


Joel Ramey

Joel is certified in both UX Writing Fundamentals and Chatbot Writing & Design. He’s fully set up for remote work. Check out Joel’s portfolio.


Dean Robertson

Dean is a UX Writer and Content Designer located in Los Angeles, CA. He’s currently enrolled in UX Writing Fundamentals. See Dean’s portfolio.


Lizzie Kost

Lizzie (Patricia) is currently enrolled in the UX Writing Fundamentals course. She’s interested in research as well. Check out Lizzie’s LinkedIn profile.

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is looking for a
Senior Content Designer
in Dublin.

You’ll work as part of the Growth Product Group and enjoy the support of their “growing UX Content Design Group”. Sounds swell.


wants a
Senior UX Writer
in London.

They’re the company behind dating apps like Badoo and Bumble if you didn’t know already. You’ll do all the usual UX Writer-type things just at a senior level.

HM Revenue & Customs

would like a
Content Designer
in London.

Entry/junior-level role and you’ll learn all the GDS secrets. Good experience.


are after a
Principal UX Writer
in Berlin.

You’ll be responsible for setting up the UX Writing practice inside the organisation. 5+ years of experience required for this one.


are hiring for a
UX Writer
in Stockholm.

You will need to be a native English speaker and have at least three years of experience working with UX copy.

United States


is hiring a
UX Writer
in New York.

You’ll need “at least 5 years of multi-channel copywriting and UX experience” for this one. A little bit of a blend of copywriting and UX here.


is after a
UX Writer
in Mahwah, New Jersey.

That’s the listing.

Giving Assistant

is hiring a
UX Writer
for a remote role.

You’ll have 3+ years of experience. Again, a bit of a blend of copywriting + UX writing in this one.


wants a
UX Writer
in Los Angeles.

We’re too old to understand what this company does. We get all our TikTok content from Twitter.


is hiring for a
UX Content Strategist
in San Francisco.

You’ll write UI language and design content areas for Growth and Monetization flows. As they say, “you might be a UX Writer, Information Architect, Instructional Designer, Conversation Designer, or Technical Writer”.

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