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The Dash: Let’s make more mistakes!

This week’s Dash includes a behind the scenes of Twitter’s prompt copy, the value of making mistakes, and what you should consider when making user-friendly documentation!

The Dash: Apple sued over the word “buy” 🍎 💵

This week’s Dash includes a UX writing shoutout from the Wall Street Journal, hyperautomation, and Apple getting sued for their “buy” button!

The Dash: Have you ever been roasted by your bank? 🔥🏦

This week’s Dash includes the best way to improve your writing, the new whiteboarding tool from Figma, and a fintech’s fiery AI chatbot that exudes Gen Z energy!

The Dash: 5️⃣ UX writing job trends

This week’s Dash includes revealing 2021’s biggest job trends, what it takes to be a responsible designer in the 21st century and more content strategy insights!

Five UX writing job trends to look out for in 2021

Gordon reveals the hottest UX writing job trends to look out for this year!

The Dash: What makes a font really suck?

This week’s Dash includes dissecting what makes a font bad, usability test documents, and building an accessibility library.

The Dash: How would a dog write error messages? 🐶

This week’s Dash includes error messaging tips, Confab announcements, and more exciting updates about AR with Apple!

The Dash: The design process ≠ a process

This week’s Dash includes rethinking the concept of processes and ways to design your toolkit.

The Dash: Content design for A/R & V/R 👓

This week’s Dash includes design content for A/R and V/R experiences!

Exciting new material for our courses

Today we wanted to let you know about some exciting new material just added to the UX Writing Fundamentals and our CX Writing for Marketing Engagement courses.

The Dash: Your astrology sign as a designer

This week’s Dash includes your 2021 design astrology predictions thanks to Pablo Stanley.

Pitch Portfolio: Create a UX writing job where there is none

Uzoma shares her tips on how to create a UX writing position where positions are scarce or don’t exist by creating a pitch portfolio!

The Dash: Good design = good communication

This week’s Dash includes a recap on a hybrid writer webinar, perfection paralysis, and why good design means good communication.

Course Preview: UX Writing for Tech Writers

It’s time technical audiences got some UX writing love. Are you a technical writer? Are you looking for ways to level up your work? Are you interested in UX writing?…

The Dash: $500 million lesson in UI design

This week’s Dash includes why you should become a hybrid technical & UX writer and a mistake that cost Citibank $500 million dollars.

Getting started with growth content design

Jason lays out the basics of growth content design in this beginner’s guide to core principles, frameworks, and craft-level considerations to act on growth content opportunities.

The Dash: Why are UX writing roles & titles so freaking confusing?

If you’re confused by the roles and different titles, don’t worry. You’re not alone. This week, we’ve rounded up a podcast episode featuring Jane Ruffino to break it down.

Do in-app marketing right: Remove the friction

No one likes to constantly be bombarded with “buy me!” messages all the time. Sasha goes over the right and wrong ways to do in-app marketing so that your users don’t get frustrated or annoyed.

The Dash: Why is “Learn more” everywhere?

“Learn more” is not enough yet it’s everywhere on the internet. So what makes a CTA actually helpful? This week’s Dash explores just that.

“Learn more” is not enough: A case for descriptive CTAs

Are your CTAs serving a specific purpose or are they acting more like fillers? Alice Chen argues that descriptive CTAs are more accessible, SEO-friendly, and contribute to a better user experience!

The Dash: Would you live forever as an AI bot?

You only live… forever? At least that’s the question surrounding data and posthumous chatbots. This Dash gets into AI bots, what it’s like to be a non-native English speaker as a UX writer, and more!

How not being a native English speaker makes me a better UX writer

Companies often list “native English speaker” as a requirement but are they missing out on first-class writing talent? Dragana explains why non-native English speakers actually make for great UX writers!

The Dash: Enterprise UX is amazing. Change our mind.

The last Dash of January is here. We’re not quite sure where that month went, but it’s probably hanging out somewhere with the other missing socks, lost remote, and our spare key. Anyways! Here’s a fresh batch of content for you to enjoy. If you’re feeling generous, forward to a fellow UX writing friend. 

Writers of Silicon Valley: What we learned from the Button conference

In this episode, Patrick chats with Yael, Duaa, and Vicki about their experience at the 2020 Button conference. They discuss preparation leading up to the conference, what it was like as a fully remote digital conference, and what all the generous knowledge share from speakers and attendees means for the future of the industry. 

The top 50 UX writing resources of 2020

The UX writing, content design and content strategy communities grew a lot in 2020. We’ve collected the top 50 UX writing resources for you to enjoy.

Microcopy matters: Why everyone on a design team should know how to write

Everyone on a design team should know how to work in Sketch or Figma. So…shouldn’t everyone know how to write microcopy?

The Dash: Election ballots & UX writing

This  Dash ranges from COVID-19 to content strategy candidates and even all things convo design. We know it’s a wild US election week… so we’ll just get straight to it.

Starting your first UX writer role (remotely) from a class of COVID grad

Cayla thought she was going to start in-office at Microsoft, enjoying the perks that come with joining a major tech company. However, as a class of COVID graduate, she found herself starting her new, big role working from home. She shares her insights and lessons she’s learned along the way.

The Dash: Designing for Voice 101

How do we gauge whether our content is hitting the mark? We analyze it, of course!

The Dash: Could UX research be your next big thing?

We’ve shared some heavy discussions lately about this: on separating the writing from the strategy, the different backgrounds that led us to this work, ethical, accessible and inclusive practices, and fighting for our place on design and product teams.

The dos and don’ts of hiring a UX writer

If you’re going to hire a UX writer soon, there are a few things you should know to make sure everyone’s experience is a positive one!

The Dash: Why Facebook switched to “content design”

This week we’ve got an in-depth look at the past, present, and future of our industry from Kristina Halvorson, how to survive being the sole UX writer with Mario Ferrier, and of course, some quality content from emerging UX writers too! 

The Dash: Our 50th edition!

This week we’ve got an in-depth look at the past, present, and future of our industry from Kristina Halvorson, how to survive being the sole UX writer with Mario Ferrier, and of course, some quality content from emerging UX writers too! 

Writers of Silicon Valley Podcast: Jessica Ouyang and Jolena Ma transcript

In this episode, Patrick speaks with Jessica and Jolena about their product Ditto, what it means for UX writers and content strategists, how they developed the product, what it’s like going through the Y Combinator process, and where they want to take it.

Atomic design needs atomic UX writers

What is atomic design? Russell Norris shares great insight into how atomic design works and how UX writers should leverage it!

The Dash: How to be a truly great UX writer

This week’s Dash should help you find out what it takes to be an exceptional UX writer. We’ve got articles from around the globe about how to do ‘good’ UX writing, what it means to be a UX writer on a CX team, respecting your users, and staying empathetic in your online communications. 

When a UX writer joins a CX team

James shares how CX thinking has influenced his UX work, taking the broader perspective from CX and using that to inform his work on experiences at the individual level.

The Dash: A guide to UX writing challenges & more

In this week’s Dash you’ll find: Shopify changing their content strategy to content design, a UX writing glossary, completing a UX challenge and more!

Writers of Silicon Valley Podcast: Tamara Hilmes transcript

Patrick and Tamara talk about what makes working at Spotify so great, and the skills needed there to succeed and a UX writer.

How to complete a UX writing challenge during the interview process

Pembroke King, UX Writer at Catawiki, describes every step in detail on how she completed the UX writing challenge that got her the job!

Writers of Silicon Valley Podcast: Ben Barone-Nugent transcript

In this conversation with Patrick and Ben Barone-Nugent, they cover: what’s it like to work at Netflix, do you succeed as a UX writer / content designer there and much more.

What is UX writing?

Take a peek into the first 3 lessons from our UX Writing Fundamentals course. Learn what UX writing is, why it’s important, and how UX writers work on a design team.

How we moved from content docs to Abstract at Wix

UX Writer & Team Lead at Wix, Jenni Nadler shares how her team transitioned from using content documents to using Abstract.

Writers of Silicon Valley Podcast: Andy Welfle and Michael J Metts transcript

In this podcast, Patrick chat with Andy and Michael about their new book “Writing is Designing.”

Equitable hiring in UX writing

Christie Fremon shares what she’s learned about seeking equity in the hiring process.

Writers of Silicon Valley Podcast: Gordon MacRea transcript

Gordon MacRae is an instructional designer, product manager, UX writer, and more. In this podcast, Patrick and Gordon talk about everything to do with hiring UX writers in 2020, and getting hired.

UX Writing: What, Why, and How – webinar recording presented for IxDA Dubai

Bobbie introduces how UX writing has evolved as its own discipline in the tech industry in a recent webinar with IxDA Dubai. She explains why UX writing is essential to product success and customer happiness.

Content Testing and Research – webinar recording presented for UXPA International

In a recent webinar for UXPA International on Content Testing and Research, Bobbie talks about the importance of testing content and how to do it in different scenarios.

Classism in UX copy: A Coronavirus era case study

Upon discovering classism in UX copy in COVID-19 related writing, UX researcher John McLeod-Moya performed his own research and case study during the pandemic. Here he offers his insights for more inclusive messaging.

Taxonomies and metadata: 5 key tips for UX writers

Expert in taxonomy and Image Librarian at Primark, Alice Walsh shares the fundamentals of metadata for beginners in the field.

Writers of Silicon Valley Podcast: Angela Gordon transcript

Angela Gordon describes what it’s like working on a team of UX writers at Dropbox.

GPT-3 is coming. Are you ready for AI?

UX writers and content strategists need to start preparing for GPT-3 – and we can do that by articulating the value we provide now.

Writers of Silicon Valley Podcast: Ryan Farrell transcript

Ryan Farrell, creator of the Daily UX Writing Challenge, chats with Patrick on the skills they think are underrated in the UX writing community and more.

What I learned from UX writing portfolio reviewers

Joel Ramey shares insights from UX writing portfolio reviews by experts in the industry.

Writers of Silicon Valley Podcast: 12 pieces of UX writing wisdom transcript

Get 12 pieces of essential UX writing wisdom from the first year of the Writers of Silicon Valley podcast

Who said that: How to turn words in your head into product voice

Adina Cretu gives an in-depth guide on how to bring a product’s voice to life by giving it personality. It all begins with asking the right questions.

Writers of Silicon Valley Podcast: Annie Adams transcript

Annie Adams shares her experience on working as a UX writer in the fashion industry.

Getting started with writing inclusive copy

Writing inclusive copy allows us to build trust with all users and not leave anyone out. Kaitlyn shares a few tips for beginners on how to get started.

The Dash: How to build your UX writing network

Yes, you do need to know your stuff when it comes to UX writing. Us UX writers can spot a fraud a mile off!

5 ways to build your professional UX writing network

Alexandra gives a comprehensive list of resources and tips on how to start building and growing your network.

Writers of Silicon Valley Podcast: Hillary Black transcript

Patrick interviews Hillary Black, chatbot extraordinaire and author of “How To Design A Chatbot” on how to create chatbots people actually use.

How to write for voice experiences: 4 key tips for UX writers

Anna shares her best practices on how to go from writing meant for reading to writing for hearing.

The Dash: Get to work

We’re once again finding ourselves saying “wow, these certainly are uncertain times”… but one thing we can control is the good work we do.

The Dash: A message from us

Wow, it’s been a tough week. On top of a pandemic. To our Black brothers and sisters, we stand with you. From all of us, thank you for being part of the UXWC community. We’re so much more because of you.

How to succeed as a sole UX writer

As the sole UX writer on a design team, Kendra Ralston shares how to navigate this complex experience and advocate for your work.

Writers of Silicon Valley Podcast: Kathryn Strauss transcript

Patrick interviews Kathryn Strauss, Senior UX Writer at Square about how writers can participate in UX research, the future of the industry, and the types of skills it takes to be a really good UX Writer and Content Strategist.

Why you should care about localization in UX writing

When it comes to user experience (UX) writing, every word matters. UX writer Michael Winnington explains why localization should be at the forefront of your thinking.

The Dash: How to create a killer UX writing portfolio

The rest of your career starts here. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve recently found yourself starting again, this week’s Dash is for you.

Tips for your UX writing portfolio when you’re starting out

Get the best tips for structuring your UX writing portfolio from Andy Welfle, Adobe Content Strategy lead and hiring manager, and co-author of “Writing is Designing”.

Chatbots save lives

In challenging times, Finn Astle shares how chatbots can significantly improve customer experience.

Writers of Silicon Valley Podcast: Sophie Tahran transcript

Sophie Tahran is Senior UX Writer for The New Yorker at Condé Nast. She started writing at Lyft and lead UX writing at InVision. Patrick Stafford interviewed Sophie about her work in UX writing.

The Dash: The one about content strategy

The Dash is our UX writing newsletter filled with useful links, resources, articles, videos, and more. This edition sent on Tuesday, April 14th.

The anatomy of a UX writing job interview: what you need to know

Heather McBride shares her UX writing interview experience and discusses in detail what you can expect in your upcoming UX job interview.

The Dash: Write with care (especially now)

The Dash is our UX writing newsletter filled with useful links, resources, articles, videos, and more. This edition sent on Tuesday, April 14th.

Writers of Silicon Valley Podcast: Roy West transcript

Roy West is the design director, UX Writing, at Uber. But his UX writing career extends beyond that into Google, NeXT and more. Patrick Stafford interviewed Roy about his work in UX writing.

Learn how to write and design a chatbot: UXWC course preview

Want to learn how to write and design chatbots? This guide will give you everything you need to know. No coding required!

Dear Companies, Here’s how to hire a UX writer

User experience (UX) writers are many things. A lot of us come from copywriting, technical writing, or support backgrounds and have spent a lot of time working to build brand…

Why you should absolutely hire a remote UX writer

Did you enjoy this blog post? Level up your skills and knowledge in one of our courses. Your career is depending on you!

How to succeed as a remote UX writer

UX writing is a fast growing field, but job opportunities for remote workers are still less common than for UX designer or copywriter jobs.

How to research and test content and copy

Learning how to test and measure your content is difficult, but not impossible. This course will show you how.

The UX writer’s guide to influencing without authority

Influencing without authority is a skill that UX writers need to learn – and here’s how.

UX writer salary survey: How much money do UX writers make?

Read the results of our UX writer salary survey, and find out the average UX writer salary in your area.

The product design ratio

Why is the product design ratio so skewed? The other day I was scrolling through Twitter and saw this: Thank you, Rachel, for tweeting everything the UX writing community wants…

Introducing our new digital strategy secret weapon: CX Writing!

After some waiting, some tinkering, and a lot of work on our end, our next course is finally available: introducing the new way to boost your digital strategy skills… The…

An introduction to CX Writing and our upcoming course

Since we launched the UX Writing Fundamentals course, we knew we wanted to expand into other areas. CX Writing seemed the perfect next step. There’s so much to teach when…

Ready for a UX podcast about writing and content?

There are plenty of articles about design online, but what about a UX podcast about writing and content? Our very own co-founder, Patrick Stafford, recently launched “Writers of Silicon Valley”,…

Introducing our upcoming advanced UX writing courses!

When the UX Writers Collective launched in January, the original vision was to offer a UX Writing Fundamentals course, and then an Advanced UX Writing course. Instead, we’re now offering…

The UX Writing Fundamentals course has 100 students!

In mid-2018, we formed the UX Writers Collective and began writing all of the content for the Fundamentals course. We had a vision: with so many companies needing UX writers…

Welcoming 2 awesome people to the UX Writers Collective

Photo source: https://writix.co.uk/blog/how-to-write-a-persuasive-essay

How to become a data-driven UX writer (and how to A/B test copy)

Conversations about data are often focused on technical fields, like development and product management.   When it comes to writers, data-driven decision making becomes a little fuzzy. How does it…

The UX course graduate survival guide

Something strange has happened over the past several years. With more UX graduates attending bootcamps and intensive sessions designed to get them up to speed on UX design and research, we’re…

UX writing versus microcopy

So what’s the difference between microcopy and UX writing? The growth of UX writing and content strategy has sparked all sorts of great conversation and debate. Whether you call yourself…